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You work hard, you play hard…you lead an active and sometimes stressful lifestyle.  What does it all have in common?  At the start and end of each day, you’re home.  Spending quality time with your family.  Appreciating all the comforts of…home.

Time like that is too valuable to waste worrying about your home heating & cooling systems.  And now, if you’re even thinking about installing a new or replacement system, we give you plenty NOT to worry about.

It all starts with properly sizing your home, checking out your various forms of insulation, and so on, to determine the type and size of the system that will best meet your requirements, and your budget.  And if we spot areas where warm or cool air is escaping your home and potentially adding bunches to your energy bill, we’ll point them out to you and recommend the proper corrective action.


Today, You Have More to Choose From

Today’s heating and cooling systems are built to last longer and consume less energy than ever.  Plus, you can buy a new system with energy efficiency ratings up to 95%, meaning there’s virtually no wasted energy, and THAT means greatly reduced energy and fuel bills.

System Types

At C&D Cooling & Heating, we design and install most major and preferred home heating and/or cooling systems:

  • Hot air
  • Boiler systems (hot water and steam)
  • Electric heat
  • Geo-thermal heat pumps (combined heating and cooling)
  • Central air conditioning
  • Ductless Air (air conditioning only, or combined heating and air…ideal for one or two rooms as an adjunct to your other home comfort systems)


Equally important, you might qualify for available government tax credits and/or manufacturer rebates.  Contact us for details, and we’ll show you how the savings can really add up.  At the same time, we’ll be happy to schedule a no-obligation proposal and estimate.

At C&D, it’s all part of the service.


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